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Aktualno¶ci roku 1974

27 gru Oficjalny koniec Beatlesów ma miejsce w...Disneyworld
20 gru W Anglii ukazuje siÄ™ LP Dark Horse
20 gru George Harrison gra koncert w Nowym Jorku.
19 gru Koncert Georgea Harrisona w Madison Square Garden, New York ("North American Tour").
6 gru Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Harrisona "Ding Dong / I Don t Care Anymore"
28 lis Historia pewnego zakÅ‚adu - koncert Eltona Johna i Johna Lennona
27 lis Odeon Cinema, Lewisham
24 lis Przygotowania do koncertu Lennona w Madison Square Garden
15 lis Ukazuje siÄ™ LP Ringo Starra "Goodnight Vienna"
14 lis Lennon i Pang na premierze sztuki Sgt. Pepper
8 lis George Harrison gra koncerty w Oakland.
7 lis George Harrison gra koncert w San Francisco
2 lis Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Ringo Starra "Only You / Call Me"
30 pa¼ Bob Gruen wykonuje sÅ‚ynne zdjÄ™cie Johna Lennona przed StatuÄ… WolnoÅ›ci
21 pa¼ Drugie podejÅ›cie do nagrywania LP Rock And Roll
18 pa¼ W Anglii ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Eltona Johna "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
12 pa¼ Lennon - miÄ™dzy Beatlesami nie ma napięć
11 pa¼ Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel grupy Slade "Far Far Away"
5 pa¼ Ukazuje siÄ™ pÅ‚yta zespoÅ‚u King Crimson "Red"
4 pa¼ Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Johna Lennona "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" / "Beef Jerky"
4 pa¼ Angielska premiera pÅ‚yty Johna Lennona - Walls And Bridges
28 wrz Wywiad z Johnem Lennonem dla stacji WNEW-FM
27 wrz John Lennon prowadzi poranny program w radio KHJ-AM w Los Angeles
29 sie Bob Gruen fotografuje Johna Lennona
24 sie John i May lecÄ… do Kalifornii
23 sie John Lennon widzi UFO
19 sie Ukazuje siÄ™ pÅ‚yta Harry Nilssona "Pussy Cats"
21 lip Sesja nagraniowa LP "Walls And Bridges"
16 lip John i May Pang zamieszkujÄ… w Nowym Jorku.
28 cze Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Paula McCartneya "Band On The Run / Zoo Gang"
8 cze Singiel Band On The Run na pierwszym miejscu w USA
6 cze McCartney nagrywa w Nashville.
27 kwi Lennon koÅ„czy pobyt w Los Angeles i wraca do Nowego Jorku
15 kwi Premiera telewizyjna Yellow Submarine
14 kwi Wstawiony Ringo przeklina w programie radiowym
1 kwi Ostatnie wspólne zdjÄ™cie Johna i Paula.
28 mar A Toot And A Snore - ostatnie wspólne granie Paula i Johna
22 mar John Lennon kontynuuje stracony weekend - Santa Monica (California)
12 mar Lennon urzÄ…dza pijackie burdy w Los Angeles.
15 lut W Anglii ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Paula McCartneya "Jet / Let Me Roll It"
8 lut W Anglii ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Ringo Starra - You're Sixteen / Devil Woman
Klasyka rocka wydana w wrze¶niu:

1 The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) (S - 1965)
1 How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) (S - 1977)
3 Painkiller (Judas Priest) (LP - 1990)
4 Sir George Martin Presents (George Martin) (box - 2002)
12 Wish You were Here (Pink Floyd) (LP - 1975)
15 Fireball (Deep Purple) (LP - 1971)
17 Anna (Go To Him) (Arthur Alexander) (S - 1962)
18 Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) (LP - 1970)
19 Massachusetts / Barker of the UFO (Bee Gees) (S - 1967)
21 Shout (The Isley Brothers) (S - 1959)
21 ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits (Abba) (LP - 1992)
21 Guitar Heaven: Santana Performs the Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (Carlos Santana) (LP - 2010)
23 When I Was A Boy (ELO) (S - 2015)
24 Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley) (S - 1954)
26 Time Is on My Side / Congratulations (Rolling Stones) (S - 1964)

Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Paula McCartneya "Band On The Run / Zoo Gang"

1974-06-28,  autor: joryk   ...powrót do newsów

Ukazuje siÄ™ singiel Paula McCartneya "Band On The Run / Zoo Gang"
Singiel dotarł do 3 miejsca w Anglii.
Wiêcej na temat Paul McCartney (S):
2014-12-08: Hope For The Future,
2013-10-08: Queenie Eye,
2013-09-02: New,
2010-03-01: (I Want To) Come Home,
2007-11-13: Amoeba's Secret,
2007-11-05: Ever Present Past,
2007-06-18: Dance Tonight / Nod Your Head,
2005-11-21: Jenny Wren / Summer of '59,
2005-08-29: Fine Line / Growing Up Falling Down,
2004-09-20: Tropic Island Hum / We All Stand Together,
2001-11-05: Freedom / From A Lover To A Friend,
1997-12-15: Beautiful Night / Love Come Tumbling Down,
1997-07-07: The World Tonight / Used To Be Bad,
1997-04-28: Young Boy / Looking For You,
1993-02-22: C'Mon People / I Can't Imagine,
1992-12-28: Hope Of Deliverance / Long Leather Coat,
1990-11-26: All My Trials / C Moon,
1989-11-13: Figure Of Eight / Ou Est Le Soleil?,
1989-06-17: This One / The First Stone,
1989-05-08: My Brave Face / Flying To My Home,
1987-11-16: Once Upon A Long Ago / Back On My Feet,
1986-07-14: Press / It's Not True,
1985-12-01: Only Love Remains / Tough On A Tightrope,
1985-11-18: Spies Like Us / My Carnival,
1984-11-12: We All Stand Together / We All Stand Together (Humming Version),
1984-09-24: No More Lonely Nights,
1983-12-05: Pipes Of Peace / So Bad,
1983-10-03: Say, Say, Say / Ode To A Koala Bear,
1982-09-20: Tug Of War / Get It,
1982-06-21: Take It Away / I'll Give You A Ring,
1982-03-29: Ebony and Ivory / Rainclouds,
1980-09-15: Temporary Secretary / Secret Friend,
1980-06-13: Waterfalls / Check My Machine,
1980-04-11: Coming Up / Coming Up (Live)/Lunchbox/Odd Sox,
1979-11-16: Wonderful Christmastime / Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reggae,
1979-08-16: Getting Closer / Baby's Request,
1979-06-01: Old Siam, Sir / Spin It On,
1979-03-23: Goodnight Tonight / Daytime Nightime Suffering,
1978-08-26: London Town / I'm Carrying,
1978-08-21: London Town / I'm Carrying,
1978-06-16: I've Had Enough,
1978-03-23: With A Little Luck / Backwards Traveller/Cuff Link,
1977-02-04: Maybe I'm Amazed/ Soily,
1976-07-23: Let 'em In / Beware My Love,
1976-04-30: Silly Love Songs / Cook Of The House,
1975-09-05: Letting Go / You Gave Me The Answer,
1975-05-16: Listen To What The Man Said / Love In Song,
1974-06-28: Band On The Run / Zoo Gang,
1974-02-15: Jet / Let Me Roll It,
1973-10-26: Helen Wheels / Country Dreamer,
1973-06-01: Live And Let Die / I Lie Around,
1973-03-23: My Love / The Mess,
1972-12-01: Hi Hi Hi / C Moon,
1972-05-12: Mary Had A Little Lamb / Litlle Woman Love,
1972-02-25: Give Ireland Back To The Irish,
1971-08-13: Back Seat Of My Car / Heart Of The Country,
1971-02-19: Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why,

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