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30 lis Ukazuje si─Ö p┼éyta Michaela Jacksona - Thriller
8 lis Ukazuje si─Ö singiel Harrisona "Wake Up My Love / Greece"
8 lis W Anglii ukazuje si─Ö LP George'a Harrisona - Gone Troppo
29 pa╝ W Anglii ukazuje si─Ö singiel Michaela Jacksona - The Girl Is Mine
20 wrz Ukazuje si─Ö singiel Tug Of War
31 lip Co George Martin zabra┼éby na bezludn─ů wysp─Ö?
21 cze Ukazuje si─Ö singiel Paula McCartneya "Take It Away / I'll Give You A Ring"
18 cze Paul McCartney ┼Ťwi─Ötuje 40. urodziny
1 cze W Anglii ukazuje si─Ö LP Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky
1 maj Singel Ebony and Ivory na pierwszym miejscu listach przeboj├│w.
26 kwi W Anglii ukazuje si─Ö LP Paula McCartneya - Tug Of War
29 mar Wydanie singla Paula McCartneya "Ebony and Ivory / Rainclouds"
29 mar Iron Maiden wydaj─ů p┼éyt─Ö "The Number Of The Beast"
24 lut John Lennon po┼Ťmiertnie otrzymuje Grammy za Album Roku
24 lut John Lennon nagrodzony BRIT Award za Nazdwyczajny Wk┼éad w Muzyk─Ö Brytyjsk─ů
18 lut Mike Oldfield wydaje singiel "Five Miles Out"
20 sty Audycja BBC: Co Paul McCartney zabra┼éby na bezludn─ů wysp─Ö?
P│yty wydane w lutym:

2 Off The Ground (LP - 1993)
4 Maybe I'm Amazed/ Soily (S - 1977)
6 Instant Karma! / Who Has Seen The Wind? (S - 1970)
6 This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) / Maya Love (S - 1976)
6 Yes, Im Witch (LP - 2007)
6 Kisses On The Bottom (LP - 2012)
7 All My Loving (EP - 1964)
8 You're Sixteen / Devil Woman (S - 1974)
11 True Love / Pure Smokey (S - 1977)
15 Jet / Let Me Roll It (S - 1974)
16 George Harrison (LP - 1979)
16 Blow Away / Soft Touch (S - 1979)
17 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever (S - 1967)
19 Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why (S - 1971)
21 Rock And Roll (LP - 1975)
21 Snookeroo / Oo-wee (S - 1975)
22 C'Mon People / I Can't Imagine (S - 1993)
24 Live In New York City (LP - 1986)
25 Give Ireland Back To The Irish (S - 1972)
26 Ecce Cor Meum (DVD - 2008)
28 Cry For A Shadow / Why (S - 1964)
28 Dark Horse / Hari's On Tour (Express) (S - 1975)
Klasyka rocka wydana w lutym:

1 Runaway (Del Shannon) (S - 1961)
1 Tragedy (Bee Gees) (S - 1979)
3 Difficult To Cure (Rainbow) (LP - 1981)
8 Jealous Guy / To Turn You On (Roxy Music) (S - 1981)
10 Van Halen (Van Halen) (LP - 1978)
12 Moving Pictures (Rush) (LP - 1981)
18 Five Miles Out (Mike Oldfield) (S - 1982)
22 These Boots Are Made for Walking (Nancy Sinatra) (S - 1966)
23 Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade) (S - 1973)
26 The Last Time / Play with Fire (Rolling Stones) (S - 1965)
28 Yesterdays (Yes) (LP - 1975)

Ukazuje si─Ö singiel Tug Of War

1982-09-20,  autor: kasia   ...powr├│t do news├│w

W Wielkiej Brytanii ukazuje si─Ö singiel Paula McCartneya "Tug Of War"/"Get It". Premiera ameryka┼äska ma miejsce 26 wrze┼Ťnia.

Jest to trzeci i ostatni singiel do p┼éyty "Tug Of War". Tug of War to przeci─ůganie liny - popularny dawniej sport w┼Ťr├│d Brytyjczyk├│w. Piosenka nie jest jednak dok┼éadnie o przeci─ůganiu liny - uwa┼╝ny obserwator dostrze┼╝e w niej odniesienia do skomplikowanych relacji mi─Ödzy liderami Beatles├│w: Johnem i Paulem.

It`s a tug of war
What with one thing and another
It`s a tug of war
We expected more
But with one thing and another
We were trying to outdo each other
In a tug of war

In another world
In another world we could
Stand on top of the mountain
With our flag unfurled
In a time to come
In a time to come we will be
Dancing to the beat played
On a different drum

It`s a tug of war
Though I know I mustn`t grumble
It`s a tug of war
But I can`t let go
If I do you`ll take a tumble
And the whole thing is going to crumble
It`s a tug of war

Pushing and pulling

In years to come they may discover
What the air we breathe and the life we lead
Are all about
But it won`t be soon enough
Soon enough for me
No it won`t be soon enough
Soon enough for me

In another world...

We will be dancing to the beat
Played on a different drum
We will be dancing to the beat
Played on a different drum

It`s a tug of war,a tug of war
A tug of war
What with one thing and another
It`s a tug of war
We expected more
But with one thing and another
We were trying to outscore each other
In a tug of war

Pushing and pulling

Paul McCartney - lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, synthesizer
Linda McCartney - backing vocals
Eric Stewart - backing vocals, electric guitar
Denny Laine - electric guitar
Campbell Maloney - military snares
Kenneth Sillito - orchestral arrangement

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